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✔ Migrating into the TruePartner platform is EASY AND INTUITIVE.

✔ We offer assistance to set up, adapt, and customize your Marketing Command Center.

✔ The platform is PRE-LOADED with strategies, templates, and automations you can use quickly.

✔ We include a resource library loaded with marketing strategies, tech help, and more!

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✔ Built on the renowned GoHighLevel software, TruePartner is intuitive and frustration-free.

✔ Corporate-grade tools are powerful yet easy to understand.

✔ Housing all your business management functions on one platform allows for rich interconnectivity.

✔ Widespread support availability and a huge community of users.

TruePartner brings effective results!

"I went from grinding out calls to connecting with hundreds in just a few clicks."

-Brendon D

"It always astounds me how much TruePartner can do. It can handle just about anything you need for a business and it creates so many new opportunities for marketing."

-Brigham R

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Why should i choose TruePartner?

TruePartner is the easiest, most powerful, and most affordable software platform you'll ever use. We're all about removing roadblocks and overcoming hurdles to reach your maximum potential. We make marketing EASY, FAST, and AFFORDABLE so you don't have to spend tons of money, waste all your time, or get an entire degree just to run your marketing and business operations. With TruePartner, our aim is GRAB AND GO.

Who Developed the TruePartner Software?

TruePartnerAI is built on the renowned GoHighLevel platform and pre-configured for your ease of use. Using GoHighLevel as a foundation makes TruePartnerAI versatile and dependable, and gives you the backing of the entire GoHighLevel community. You're welcome to buy GoHighLevel straight from the OEM, but we customize it for you and include resources so you can get results right away!

What is TruePartner comparable to?

TruePartner is primarily a CRM platform like SalesForce, Jungo, act!, Bonzo, just to name a few. However, unlike all of those, TruePartner is easy to use, extremely affordable, and still massively powerful. Once you use TruePartner, you can't go back! And did we mention we include a strategy resource library so you know exactly how to get results right away?

How much does it cost per user?

Whether you're a one-person shop OR a team, TruePartnerAI easily fits operations of all sizes. TruePartnerAI is built for both the single owner-operator or shops with teams. The great news is each additional user costs nothing with TruePartnerAI for teams up to 10. One flat cost for software access to your team.

Are there usage charges for email, SMS, Voice?

There are small usages charges for email, SMS, and Voice. However, unlike other platforms, your base costs do not rise with the numbers of users.

Can I integrate with other software?

Yes! TruePartner supports anything that can be connected through the Zapier API. Visit the Zapier website for a thorough breakdown of what's possible.

How do I get support?

We offer multiple avenues to get help. In addition to contacting us directly, there is a support widget in the bottom right of the platform UI, support articles in GoHighLevel's own website, and a vast community of GoHighLevel users online.

TruePartnerAI is built on the leading platforms, configured for your success!

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